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Three reasons to use OTA Sync Property management system

Streamline operations

Say goodbye to long front-desk queues and hello to efficiency with our cutting-edge property management system. Simplify your check-in process, reduce paperwork, and delight your guests with faster service.

Fast onboarding

Effortlessly implement our cloud-based property management system and start reaping the benefits instantly. Say goodbye to lengthy setup processes and hello to streamlined operations. Elevate your hotel's efficiency with our quick and hassle-free integration.

Boost revenue

Boost your hotel's revenue potential with our advanced cloud based property management system. Seamlessly integrate operations, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance guest experiences to drive unprecedented growth.

Reviews from our clients

“OTA Sync represents a superior cloud platform designed for efficient management of hotels and other types of accommodation facilities. By integrating with over 100 online agencies, direct booking at no additional cost and a mobile application for on-the-go management, this solution promises to increase team productivity, eliminate errors and grow revenue.”

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Doubled direct bookings
Alexandra R.

Front-desk Manager, HR

“Previously I have used an on-premise PMS and channel manager on top of that. Costs were high, and I had to invest too much time in onboarding employees as we have one individual hotel. With OTA Sync I have saved 2 hours per employee per day and dozens of thousands in unnecessary costs.“

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Faster employee onbaordings

Sales Manager, ES

“We used a popular PMS that almost all large hotels use along with a popular channel manager. With that we had a separate Guest Experience app and some hotel operations app. In total we had to maintain 4 different systems that frequently failed. After tough negotiations with our manager, the OTA Sync team arrived at our hotel and the employees are so happy with it that we feel like every day we have an extra 4 hours to dedicate to things we couldn't do before.”

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Guest rating

General Manager

“Making the decision to switch to another system was difficult for us. When we tried OTA Sync PMS, we realized that it was the best decision. An incredibly simple calendar with countless useful functions such as Banquet definitely made our business easier and brought us a 20% increase in revenue in a short period of time. Congratulations to the team and customer support, they are excellent!”

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More revenue in 1 month
Nikola J.

Revenue Manager, RS

Get more bookings

Increase your sales & front-desk productivity with OTA Sync all-in-one hospitality tech solution.

Seamless Integration with leading OTAs

Streamline your web design and development process effortlessly with our Channel Manager, Property Management System, Booking Engine, or App functionalities. Customize our widgets or leverage our API for tailor-made solutions. Elevate your project with ease. Check all current integrations through our marketplace.

Seamless hotel business with powerful tech tool

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