Property Management System

Cloud-based front desk system which helps you manage your daily operations from one place for an efficient property management. PMS has evolved over time to the stage that today it is a business system that must be used by every professionally managed property.


Flexible for every managed property

We made this system with every property owner or manager in mind. From single unit vacation rental to large hotel with 500+ rooms. System is modular and able to adapt to all your needs.


Priority first

The OTA Sync dashboard provides all the important information at a glance. Who latest booked, modified or cancelled, how are bookings coming in, who are the next guests. All current bookings can be viewed with a single click with all reservation details.


Complete control in single view

All your Reservations, Prices & Restrictions in single interactive and intuitive calendar. Just about everything You want to do is possible from here, two clicks max.

Guest relations - CRM

Make them come again

Best guest is the one who returns to you so we made you possible to know all their needs, send them automated emails, automatic fill of all their details for next time etc.

Statistics & Reports

All data under your fingertips

Wheter You want just to check income for some period, compare it with another or print manager report - we have it all automatically error free generated for you.


Fully customizable to your needs

We know everyone has it's own methods and tactics so we make every bit of our system customizable so You can continue doing what You know the best - make happy guests without stress.


The most important system used by hotels

PMS mostly portrays its role on the front-office function as the main reservation control system, check-in and check-out information, room layout, price control, availability and restrictions.

  • Used by every professionally managed property
  • Ability to invoice, track sales analytics, control costs and export data from the system
  • Channel manager system, booking engine system and yield management are the advantages that we guarantee will make your business much easier
Conference Halls

Banquet Feature

Effortlessly plan and manage your events - from reserving venues to tracking guests and accommodating their unique requirements. All of this is conveniently available in one place, streamlining the process and relieving you of any stress.

SPA & Wellness

SPA Module

Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience and achieve exceptional success for your hotel with our powerful Spa & Wellness functionality. Efficiently manage treatments, capacity, and client records. Analyze performance, identify trends, and elevate guest satisfaction to a whole new level.

Guest relations

Expense Management

Discover the power of hotel expense modules, revolutionizing the way hotels manage and track expenses, leading to increased profitability, streamlined operations, and improved financial transparency.

The guarantees that make your business much easier

Simplify daily tasks

Export or Print today's arrivals/departures/in-house guests, occupancy or daily reports

Automate housekeeping

Fully automatic housekeeping reports will make this boring task thing of the past

Unlimited professional invoicing

Beautifull invoices created in 2 clicks. System pulls all info automatic and you just choose the status and insert additional services if needed

Integrated Channel Manager & Booking Engine

We do not have separated programs but everything is fully integrated in order to become Your new favourite property management system

Stunning calendar

Manage reservations, drag&drop, quick check-in/out, payment&reservation status, quick preview, automatic room assigning - we have it all!

Automation by default

Sending automatic after booking, pre-arrival, post-departure and happy birthday emails will make your guests leave all the best reviews

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Always on, works on desktop, mobile and tablet, including a neat mobile app to run your business on the go

Safe & secure

PCI/DSS Encrypted - don't worry about Your guests confidental details. Report bad cards to OTAs in a click

Instant import of all your historical data

Import reservations and guest details so nothing is lost. Fast onboarding in less than 24hours.