Integrate into your projects

We make it easy for web designers and developers to seamlessly integrate any of our Channel Manager, PMS, Booking Engine or App functions. Choose to customize the widgets we provide or use our API to develop your own solution.


Booking Form & Widgets

Easiest part to integrate is our Booking Engine. Simple plug&play code snippet. Copied form our system and injected on your website.

Direct bookings

A fully customizable embedded booking page allows bookings directly on your clients website


Add customizable booking widgets or availability calendars


Apply your own CSS

Wordpress plugins

Use our Wordpress plugin for easy integration into any Wordpress site

Develop via API

Our OPEN API allows you to develop web, desktop and mobile applications that directly integrates and interacts with any function we have on our web or mobile apps so you can manage any data or function your customers have.

The OPEN API includes the industy standard XML and JSON functions and uses secure technologies.


OTA connections

We have 2-way xml connection with all major OTAs. Most important are Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia Group, CTrip, HotelBeds, WebBeds etc. For other channels we have our own iCal link generator.


Become The OTA Sync Connectivity Partner

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